Cheetah Messaging

Our best-in-class cross-channel messaging capabilities
empower brands to deliver on their promises and meet
enterprise-scale consumer needs.

Connect with customers on their terms

The key to creating genuine relationships is simple: connect with customers by delivering the experiences and rewards they’ll truly value. Cheetah Messaging enables marketers to manage every campaign and channel in a single interface, making it easy to build contextual communications that deliver a value exchange across every interaction.


"We went through a rigorous vendor scoring process, looking at key things like user interface. A lot of platforms out there aren’t that intuitive from a marketer’s perspective — they tend to require analytical abilities and my team aren’t analysts. We also looked at reporting and moving us forward in terms of personalization. The Cheetah Digital platform gives us all of those capabilities."

— Gayle Gunning, Director of Digital Operations, Smartbox


We protect your brand and customers

We'll make sure all your information is safe by complying with GDPR, CCPA, and SOC 2 Type 2. We utilize proven best practices, data encryption, and strict security standards, and make regular enhancements that improve our ability to thwart security threats before they ever impact the platform.


Ready for end-to-end marketing solutions?

Cheetah Messaging is just one solution helping our clients reach their goals. As a part of our Customer Engagement Suite — a set of seamlessly connected solutions that provides value across every step of the customer lifecycle — Cheetah Messaging is even more powerful when paired with our other solutions.