Cheetah Experiences

Collect marketing opt-ins and preference insights with interactive
experiences that can be published to every digital channel.

Collect zero-party data at scale

Consumers expect brands to deliver innovative, personalized experiences at every turn. But this is a challenge when contrasted with consumer demand for tightened data and privacy controls. Cheetah Experiences empowers marketers to acquire the zero- and first-party data and permissions required to deliver true personalization across every digital channel, build meaningful relationships with consumers, and drive lasting loyalty.


"The ability to plug and play Cheetah Experiences, knowing that it's going to work consistently with our platform and that the experience for our users is going to be great, has led us to be more efficient and allowed us to think really tactically about how we can make it engaging as well as effective."

— Dale Ksionzyk, Global Digital Strategy Lead, General Mills


Data compliance comes first

The right data can help you create lasting relationships with customers — especially when used properly. We comply with SOC 2 Type 2, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), ensuring your brand is able to collect actionable, permissioned data and protect both your brand and customers’ security.


Ready to use your data to drive results?

Interactive experiences are just the beginning of what our solutions can do. Our Customer Engagement Suite seamlessly solves marketer challenges across every step of the customer lifecycle — and making marketers’ jobs easier in the process.