Cheetah Experiences

Collect actionable customer data and preference insights with interactive experiences that can be published to every digital channel.

Activate zero-party data at scale

Consumers expect brands to deliver innovative, personalized experiences at every turn. But this is a challenge when contrasted with consumer demand for tightened data and privacy controls. Cheetah Experiences empowers marketers to acquire the zero- and first-party data and permissions needed to deliver true personalization across every digital channel, build lasting connections with consumers, and drive emotional loyalty.


Interactive experiences
Easily interact with customers across any digital touchpoint with our library of over 85 pre-built experiences — and collect valuable data along the way. Whether a questionnaire, poll, quiz, or social story, you can easily clone and customize experiences to collect first- and zero-party data at scale.
Harness the value exchange economy
Digitally savvy consumers need to be entertained, engaged, and receive something in return for their attention and preference data. Cheetah Experiences incorporates incentive mechanics that offer a value exchange for consumer preference data.
Global localization
Cheetah Experiences empowers disparate teams to unify their marketing efforts, making it easy to manage multiple brands in numerous territories — without requiring IT expertise. You can localize campaigns at speed and scale, creating a constant stream of actionable data.
Publish to every digital channel
From the smallest ad placement to the largest screen, Cheetah Experiences can be published to every owned, earned, and paid channel. Whatever medium a consumer spends their time engaged with, Cheetah Experiences can make sure you’re front-and-center. If it’s digital, it’s covered.
Data acquisition & permission
With Cheetah Experiences, you have the tools to effectively acquire valuable zero- and first-party data. You will better understand your customers’ motivations, preferences, and desires — and be able to drive even more personalized campaigns across all your Cheetah Digital solutions.
Fan advocacy
Cheetah Experiences has a host of innovative campaign experiences that allow you to generate earned content and develop a bi-directional relationship. With Cheetah Experiences, you can be sure the content you deliver is relevant and promotes natural brand advocacy.
Rapid deployment
Rapidly configure and personalize campaigns with simple out-of-the-box functionality. Quickly create high-converting, data-collecting experiences with easy-to-use drag-and-drop creative editors and intuitive controls — without ever needing to lean on a coding expert for support.
Integrated marketing
Cheetah Experiences insights are pushed to your CRM, EMP, CDP, and analytics platforms in real-time, where they can truly power personalized marketing. You can integrate this data into your future marketing initiatives, ensuring they are optimized on an individual level and deliver measurable results.
Enterprise scale
Cheetah Experiences has the scalability, resilient infrastructure, speed, and agility to help the world’s biggest brands create real-time, engaging experiences. We provide managed instances of the platform, single sign-on capabilities, and integrations with JavaScript, HTML, APIs, and more.

Customers crave personalized, interactive experiences. We can help your brand create and deliver them.


Data security and compliance come first

The right data can help you create lasting relationships with customers — especially when used properly. We comply with SOC 2 Type 2 and EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), ensuring your brand is able to collect actionable, permissioned data and protect both your brand and customers’ security. 


Ready to use your data to drive results?

Interactive customer experiences are just the beginning of what our solutions are capable of. Our Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite seamlessly solves marketer challenges across every step of the customer lifecycle, driving the lasting emotional loyalty brands need to succeed — and making marketers’ jobs easier in the process.