Social Media Vs. The Trust Economy

It’s easier to list the world-leading brands that haven’t curtailed social media ad spend in the wake of its failure to take tangible steps to prohibit hate speech. 

But long before the boycott, marketers were beginning to reassess their overreliance on the online walled gardens due to transparency issues, lack of genuine engagement and the mere fact social channels were not built for marketers in the first place. 

The time has come for marketers to invest in forging direct-to-consumer relationships. It’s not about fully boycotting social media channels, but using those mediums to get consumers off that platform into our own direct channels, where you aren't impacted by the next scandal to hit the social media quagmire.

In this white paper you will learn how to:

  • Turn the unknown consumer into known through interactive experiences that can be deployed on any digital channel
  • Collect the opt-ins and preference data to power personalized marketing and move away from the walled gardens 
  • Build emotional loyalty by delivering contextually relevant messaging at the right time
Download now and start unlocking direct-to-consumer relationships

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