Zero-Party Data

Build and orchestrate meaningful, profitable customer relationships by collecting and activating their self-reported, zero-party data.
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Grow your zero-party database

If you’re basing your marketing efforts on inferred customer preferences, you’re not delivering the experiences customers expect. We provide the tools and infrastructure needed to collect millions of data records without the use of technical resources, putting the power of interactive experiences directly in marketers’ hands. With our support, you can truly understand your customers' wants and needs, and activate campaigns based on their self-reported data.

Collect zero-party data

We have the tools and technologies to directly ask customers about their preferences, intentions, and desires. With our support, you can launch strategic zero-party data acquisition strategies and get the valuable, permissioned data you need to engage customers on a deeper level.

Create interactive experiences

Collecting zero-party data requires reaching customers across any digital touchpoint with unique, targeted experiences. We have a library of over 80 pre-built experiences, enabling you to quickly create a campaign without the help of a developer and begin acquiring this data quicker.

Deliver a value exchange

Customers know their data is valuable and expect something of value in return. We enable immediate value exchanges in the form of offers, coupons, discounts, experiences, and more, increasing the likelihood of customers sharing their first- and zero-party data.
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Put your zero-party data to work

Collecting zero-party data is only the first step. Activating it across every channel where you interact with customers is the true value of our data acquisition tools and strategies. Housed in our engagement data platform, you can put your collected zero-party data to work across any of our solutions in just a few clicks, ensuring every message you send or experience you create directly reflects your customers’ personal preferences and information. 

Targeted experiences

It’s easy to create, clone, customize, and reuse any experience across your company’s brands and intended markets. We enable rapid localization and provide out-of-the-box, drag-and-drop functionality, ensuring marketers are able to save time ideating campaigns and better drive ROI.

Personalized cross-channel messages

Every message you send across every platform must reflect your customers’ self-reported data in order to drive the largest impact. Our robust personalization and cross-channel campaigns make doing this an effortless, hassle-free process, ensuring you are able to deliver on your goals.

Loyalty programs

Zero-party data is the key to delivering loyalty rewards, promotions, and experiences that will resonate with your customer base. Actionable in our Cheetah Loyalty solution, the data you collect with Cheetah Digital can immediately impact loyalty program relevance, impact, and effectiveness.

We can help you seamlessly acquire zero-party data — and activate it across any digital platform in real-time. 


Proven data security

We have the tools, technologies, and processes necessary to collect and activate enterprise-scale data — and to protect it, too. With over 20 years’ experience, we don’t just follow best practices, we are helping to define them. We comply with all industry regulations to safeguard your brand’s integrity and your customers’ privacy, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and SOC 2 Type 2. 


Collect valuable zero-party data

Every time a customer comes in contact with your brand is an opportunity to create a more complete picture of who they are. Our strategic services team is here to ensure every touchpoint across your customer lifecycle is poised to collect your customers’ valuable zero-party data and activate that data in the form of more personalized, targeted communications in the future.