Machine Learning

Our advanced machine learning engine enables marketers to simplify and optimize campaigns, and predict what success lies ahead.
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Deep customer insights for today and tomorrow

Can you predict your customers’ intents, habits, and purchasing patterns? With our machine learning capabilities, you can elevate your marketing efforts to determine what will resonate with customers in the future. We provide the tools marketers need to access valuable insights and deliver more impactful and effective customer experiences.

Intelligent predictions

Understand which customers are likely to take what actions across every campaign you run. From shopping habits to cross-channel engagement patterns to customer intent and customer churn, marketers can deliver more agile campaigns.

Cluster analysis

While each of your customers is unique, they share some commonalities. By analyzing their behavioral characteristics, patterns, and traits, you can identify customer groups who would benefit from the same messaging, optimize your marketing time investment, and keep customer engagement high.

Offer recommendations

By leveraging our expert services team, you can optimize offer recommendations on an individual customer basis. With more specific and relevant offers, customers are more likely to take the actions your brand desires, such as making a purchase, being a brand advocate, or visiting a physical store location.

Send time optimization

Reach your busy customers by sending communications at exactly the right moment. We optimize send times by reviewing historical engagement and can predict when a customer will click your email — enabling you to better communicate the potential benefits of your efforts.
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Take control of your machine learning

Today’s marketers want strategies and tools to scale their personalization efforts. We put the power of machine learning into the hands of marketers, enabling them to access this modeling environment and pull its levers to achieve the exact insights and predictions their unique brand needs. 

Pre-built & customized models

We provide pre-built models that enable marketers to get up and running quickly. Each of these models can be fully customized to drill for a certain prediction, fulfill a specific business goal, or create a new custom prediction in just a few clicks.

Models for the masses

Accessing machine learning’s full potential is easy. Designed for marketers and business users, we’ve ensured that no statistical modeling know-how is needed to run or customize models. You can suppress customers from models and control which fields are included through our user-friendly interface — all without any coding knowledge.

Model performance

Predicting the future is impossible — unless you’re using our model performance, which enables marketers to understand how their customers will behave. You can reliably predict the success of your designated metrics based on the current data set, including email opens, purchase decisions, customer churn, and more.

Work smarter, not harder, with machine learning’s customer predictions and persona identifiers.


Data predictions that protect customers

Keeping your data safe and protecting your brand and customers is our top priority. We comply with strict industry standards, including SOC 2 Type 2 and the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Our machine learning capability — and all Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite solutions — are designed with leading security measures and data encryption practices, and are monitored and regularly enhanced to keep ahead of modern data threats. 

Strategic Services

Better predictions, less effort

It takes valuable time and effort to make customer predictions and personas and craft a winning marketing strategy around them. Our experienced strategic services team is here to make the most of your machine learning capability and help your brand reach its goals.