Email Marketing

Consumer demands are constantly shifting. With the right technology, modern marketers can ensure their email marketing strategy and execution keeps pace.
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Built for today’s modern marketer. Scaled for tomorrow.

With over 20 years of proven industry expertise, Cheetah Digital has helped thousands of enterprise marketers connect with their diverse audiences through timely, relevant interactions. We provide progressive tools, innovations, and collaborative services that enable marketers to bridge transformative digital experiences in sustainable ways.

Brand & customer protection

Email marketing success requires special attention to security, privacy, and scale. We enable brands to activate campaigns on a global stage, provide strict data and regulatory compliance, and help brands avoid risk as they innovate brand experiences.

Deep industry expertise

Cheetah Digital’s cross-vertical expertise helps marketers focus on what they are great at — creating engaging customer experiences — while we deliver innovative methods that serve your organizational processes and enable success today and tomorrow.

Easy to use

Whether it’s batch, triggered, recurring, or event-driven communications, every step of the Cheetah Messaging solution is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your working teams, partners, and processes.

Accelerate your marketing

The ability to reuse, replicate, clone, and repurpose campaigns is key to scaling production. Our content management, audience management, personalization, and testing capabilities enable marketers to build sustainable, scalable programs without added resources or costs.

Better together

Email is just one capability of our solutions suite. All Cheetah Digital solutions are natively integrated, offering marketers the ability to extend loyalty and experiences across any channel, including email, social, mobile wallet, SMS, MMS, and POS.
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Generate audiences with your existing CRM

We understand the value of an existing CRM system and work tirelessly to ensure seamless integrations while minimizing disruption. Together, we ensure you can rapidly deploy targeted emails to your consumers for scheduled and triggered mailings. 

Streamlined workflow

We establish a reliable integration with user-owned CRM systems. With it, campaign-ready files are seamlessly and rapidly imported into our system, making it simple for busy marketers to manage their campaign workload and measure results.

Straightforward process

We designed our email marketing capability to be as easy to use as possible. With our Cheetah Messaging technology, you will be able to launch messages to your audience using reusable assets in a timely, pain-free manner.

Out-of-the-box reports

With our platform, you have access to a library of reports and dashboards that help you better understand your email marketing performance and insights, enabling you to effectively optimize your next campaign.

CRM ready

We understand that your existing CRM system is valuable and that moving away from it can be a disruption. For your convenience, we designed all our solutions to work seamlessly with your campaign-ready files.

We help brands like yours create sustainable customer experiences. We're ready to show you how.


Reliable, secure email technology

Your customers trust your brand to protect their valuable information. We secure your data through best-practice application security protocols, compliance with strict data governance principles, encrypted data in-transit and at-rest, and ongoing security monitoring and reinforcement. We comply with SOC 2 Type 2 and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 


Tired of demoware?

Email is ingrained in all our lives, helping us learn, shop, share, and collaborate. But emails are just one communication channel we operate within. Cheetah Messaging enables marketers to optimize customer interactions based on device, time, location, preferred communication channel, and more.