Cross-Channel Campaigns

Create stronger, more meaningful customer relationships by communicating with them how they prefer — no matter what that channel may be.
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Create consistent customer experiences across any channel or device

Reaching millions of customers in ways that make them feel valued could be the difference in whether they choose your brand over competitors. Our solution has the data-management flexibility and cross-channel execution abilities to achieve your goals and drive results. 

Personalize every interaction

Today’s connected world requires you to meet customers where they are. We help you orchestrate relevant and timely experiences across physical and digital touchpoints that are designed to increase customer engagement and build brand value exchanges.

Earn customer trust

Every communication you send has the potential to enhance or damage customers’ trust in your brand. Customers expect value, services, promotions, and entertainment that connect brand experiences. With smart data, marketers can design experiences that pay off.

Any channel, anytime, anywhere

Our solutions provide marketers of all levels the ability to design, optimize, and experiment at scale across email, SMS, web, social, mobile wallet, and in-app push. A modern user interface helps manage the assets, workflows, testing, and experimentation that will accelerate your programs and learning.

Campaign optimization

By enabling frequency caps, micro-segmentation, and content personalization, marketers can design programs that understand where attribution pays off. Combined with send-time optimization, location, and device bias, marketers can understand how many touches and what combination of channels deliver the most value.

Global brand, local execution

Give regional marketing teams the tools to address their markets with coordinated, on-brand campaigns. We offer a simple drag-and-drop interface for local marketers to build rich marketing messages from a library of reusable templates.

Better together

Cheetah Digital’s solutions are all natively integrated, enabling marketers to execute more agile, relevant cross-channel campaigns. Activate data gathered in any solution to reach customers across email, social, mobile wallet, SMS, MMS, and POS with seamless, immersive interactions.
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Customer lifecycles aren’t linear. Your programs shouldn’t be either.

Every customer your brand interacts with has distinct preferences and expectations. Our solutions provide the macro and micro details needed to make decisions on the fly. Or you can program decision trees that optimize your programs and campaigns over time.

Single customer view

Want to create memorable, personalized experiences? You’ll need a complete picture of your customer. Data shouldn't be a barrier to seeing this view. Our solutions provide the data visualizations needed to see what is happening from one or a million customers’ perspectives using any data source you have access to.

Brand intimacy

Digital messaging can be impersonal when done en masse. Millennials, Gen Z’ers, and other up-and-coming generations require brands be more attuned to customer preferences, observed behaviors, and patterns of engagement across devices, and have the ability to predict, explore, and react in real-time.


The ability to develop a hypothesis, test it, and implement it is the lifeblood of marketing. Our best-in-class solutions allow you to manage optimization, risk, and exploration. We empower you to learn faster, optimize smarter, and continually improve your brand experience.

Channel orchestration

How and when your message gets delivered has a profound impact on clicks, time spent on site, and purchases. More so, it can make or break your ability to fulfill customers’ in-the-moment needs. We provide the capability to connect with customers across email, mobile wallet, SMS, web, social, and in-app push. Each channel leverages the same personalization, content, and rule engines, normalizing self-disclosed and derived preferences driven by past interactions.

We make it easy to reach millions of customers in a personalized, thoughtful way across any channel.


Execute campaigns with confidence

Each interaction you have with customers is an opportunity to reinforce their trust in your brand. As your partner, we protect their data as if it was our own, ensuring every message you send is safely and securely delivered. We hold all our solutions to strict industry security standards, including complying SOC 2 Type 2 and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Campaign services

Do your campaigns stand out?

Delivering highly personalized campaigns to millions of customers shouldn’t be a headache. Our campaign services team becomes a true extension of your organization. We execute your campaigns from beginning to end, driving measurable campaign success.